Dedicated to Our Clients

Gillen & Pickelsimer, LLC has provided individuals with high-quality representation and compassionate guidance. As a result, they have helped countless clients over the years and gained a comprehensive understanding of their practice areas.

To see what our past clients have to say about our firm and how we assisted them, feel free to browse through our testimonials below. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us today at (866) 977-5251.

    “Max was very attentive from the start, and very knowledgeable about the law.”
    “Max was prepared, confident, and very influential in his arguments.”
    - Mark
    “Down-to-earth, truthful, highly knowledgeable of the law, and transparent, he rapidly built our trust.”
    “Max told us about the laws that protected my dad, and let both of us know what was next in the process, every step of the way. He was right by our side in every instance.”
    - Melody
    “Max was absolutely the best during my difficult custody battle.”
    “I will always be grateful to Max because his talent as a lawyer has allowed me to kiss my children and tuck them in each night.”
    - K.G.
    “He is knowledgeable and straight forward.”
    “It was a stressful time as a mother and Mr. Gillen had my back during it all.”
    - Jessica
    “Mr. Gillen really listened to the problems I had and offered solutions.”
    “We came to a quick resolution to a family law matter that had been an issue for years!”
    - Matt
    “He steered me in the correct direction regarding BOTH of my custody cases.”
    “He is very knowledgeable is several areas in family law. He successfully negotiated my first custody case so well I retained him for the second one.”
    - Ciji
    “Max did an amazing job working through my divorce”
    “He was extremely professional in the court room and very prepared during all preparation.”
    - Caroline
    “Max was absolutely an advocate for me.”
    “Max was great at helping me keep things in perspective as he confidently directed me to focus my energy on my children while he focused his energy on the litigation.”
    - Former Client
    “He represented me with determination.”
    “Max took on my case with confidence, expertise, and a fine toothed comb from day one.”
    - JoBeth
    “Max is well-rounded with a diverse professional background that makes him a very effective attorney.”
    “Max worked with me to get a clear picture of the situation and was highly effective in how he handled my case every step of the way. I can’t stress enough how professional and exceedingly effective he was during the entire process.”
    - Paul
    “Max is a true professional, well prepared, takes the time to accepts calls and answer questions.”
    “He is experienced, calm, and responsive in a very timely manner. Personnel in his office are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful as well.”
    - Former Client
    “I always felt Max was looking after the safety of me and my children and our future.”
    “Max balanced patience with me when I was hesitant to file charges and go on the offensive with great guidance on what I needed to do in order to take charge of the situation.”
    - Lisa
    “Max was very attentive from the start, and very knowledgeable about the law.”
    “Max was prepared, confident, and very influential in his arguments.”
    - Mark
    “Max handled my case very well.”
    “I felt like giving up, but Max was very encouraging and made sure that I finally started receiving child support.”
    - Former Client
    “Mr. Gillen is very professional and knowledgeable in SC Family Law.”
    “Helps you to understand your case and goes above and beyond what you would expect.”
    - Betty
    “He was very to the point, and did not sugar coat anything, which is a good thing.”
    “He is definitely someone who knows what they are talking about, extremely smart, but also truly cared what happened at the end of the day.”
    - Melissa
    “I’m very grateful for him and his team and would highly recommend him!”
    “My case was difficult and Mr. Gillen and his staff were very supportive and helped me through each step of the process.”
    - Kristina
    “He far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend him to any potential client.”
    “I needed advice and counsel on all three of these areas and found him to be extremely knowledgeable in all of them.”
    - James
    “He's very personable, but an absolute professional as well.”
    “Mr Gillen and his staff were excellent throughout my divorce and custody case. So much in fact, that I hired Mr Gillen again for our change of custody case a year later.”
    - Ben
    “He handled my case through its ups and downs and came out on top.”
    “His critical thinking skills are on point. When we hit a wall he was 2 steps ahead with a plan! He stands up for you without hesitation.”
    - Melanie
    “The effort he put forth to understand my circumstances is more than note worthy.”
    “Mr. Gillen shows he cares first and foremost for his clients best interest. Money is not his motivation. I trust and respect him greatly.”
    - Erica
    “I highly recommend The Gillen Law Firm to anyone seeking legal representation.”
    “As emotions ran high, Attorney Gillen's calm, confident demeaner put us at ease.”
    - Former Client
    “I wish there were more lawyers like him.”
    “He is very knowledgeable and skilled and treated me like a real person. Mike and his staff were responsive and helpful from minute one.”
    - Heath
    “Michael's clients can trust his advise and in his ability to act effectively on their behalf.”
    “His straight forward, no nonsense, practical approach to handling the issues faced by my family was greatly appreciated and he produced excellent results.”
    - John